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At Blanchard we are dedicated to making a difference for people and their organizations. Developing great people and great leaders is the key to organizational success!

The Ken Blanchard Companies & Blanchard International Israel is a global leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership effectiveness solutions.

Company profile

We help companies improve performance, productivity, and bottom-line results. We are an ideal partner for businesses in Israel, who want to lead their people through change and back to becoming a focused, energized, profitable business

Our comprehensive learning initiatives integrate research-based, proprietary content with processes that are specifically and explicitly connected to the critical business issues that your organization is facing

This allows your people to achieve their full potential and better align individual goals and competencies with organizational objectives.

The results are measurable and leads to sustained improvements for your organization

The company was founded in 2004 by Erez Almogi and became part of The Israeli Center for Business Training (existing since 1990). Over the past 25 years, as a group, we have instructed and trained over 200,000 executives and employees in the Israeli market

As a leading company we are committed to:

  • Results—providing you and your organization results on personal and professional levels
  • Loyalty—being loyal and committed to you and your organization
  • Innovativeness—constant development and innovation, focusing on the most effective solutions for all our clients.
  • Leadership—leading Israel’s organizational training and learning processes
  • Performance Enhancement Processes

In order to implement processes and routines that create a result-oriented organizational culture, our company focuses its activities on cross organization processes. Accordingly, our activities center on the overall organizational pyramid: CEOs, top executives, managers, first line employees and HR teams dealing with performance development and enhancement on the inter-organizational level

The Expert Team

The expert team is comprised of 12 consultants and coaches with unique individual skills and a diverse academic background. In addition, the expert team has acquired personal experience in the corporate environment and “lives and breathes the field” based on the eye-level training concept

Working Methodology

Over the past 22 years, hundreds of organizations have benefited when working together with our group. We offer a holistic systemic solution, linked first and foremost to the organization’s corporate objectives, language and culture

The work processes, implemented by Blanchard’s expert team are based on three central elements, that when combined, lead to realization of goals and achievement of mutually pre-defined results

Each program is based on changing the approaches of the trained team, in keeping with the theory that when one develops the approach and willingness among managers and employees, the tools and skills can be instilled. Ultimately, using the correct assimilation process, these can develop into systematic habits and work routines

Our methodology is based on implementing eye-level tools, employing hands-on learning techniques that include practical skills which enable assimilation of the material learned and implementation in the work environment the very next day, with great effectiveness.

Blanchard Programs and solutions Offered by Blanchard Israel

Situational Leadership II (SLII), Leading People Through Change, Situational Self Leadership, SLII for Sales Leaders, Situational Team Leadership (STL), Building High Performing Teams, Global Talent Management Program, Coaching Essentials for Leaders, Executive Coaching Services

Partial Client List

SAP, Nice Systems, SanDisk, Teva, Amdocs, Cellcom,, Intel, Retalix, Orbotech, BAT, MSD, P&G, Merck, VISA, Novartis, Comverse, Strauss Group, fiverr, RAVAL, Colmobil etc 

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